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At the FirePRO conference at the end of last year, an idea was born to run a national campaign addressing the comment made in the Thomas Review around the lack of public awareness of the role of the modern day firefighter/FRS. (That's somewhat an abbreviated version but you all understand me).

Since then, a few of us have bumped our heads together and would like to push forward a free idea that everyone can get involved in.

It starts by each FRS sending in a maximum 45 seconds of video content (can be a mix of one long clip or multiple short videos) showing examples of what their firefighters do that is not just fires (you can see where the hashtag grew from!). A selection of the videos - ensuring every FRS and every angle is covered - will be compiled together and then made available for all to use. We'll hit the social media sphere with the content, bash out other local examples with the hashtag and go from there.

Other ideas further down the pipeline include an agreed date nationally that we ALL do a 24 hour tweetathon on highlighting what else FRS do #notjustfires

We would also really like this content to address the other big talking point at the minute of diversity/positive action/inclusion in the FRS.

What next?

Email with a link to a dropbox or WeTransfer with your video content. Please mark the file clearly with who you are so we can make sure everyone is included.

Deadline: Monday, March 11 midday

Examples of what you could shoot (or if you've already got footage, that's perfect!):

- Safe and Well visit

- Training carers

- Work with health organisations

- Youth schemes

- Education in schools

- Work in prison

- Police partnership work - modern slavery, sexual exploitation etc

- Working with landlords

- Multi-agency hubs

- Fire setter intervention

- Supporting Pride

- Open days

- Charity work

- Dementia awareness

- Mind blue light/health and wellbeing

- Co-responding

This list is not exhaustive and all our firefighters do different things.

Let us know your thoughts - get in touch with Leanne Ehren ( or FirePRO Chair James Morton ( with any questions.


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