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Awards successes show fire comms leading the way

If 2017 felt like something of a defining year for the fire sector and its comms teams, it was heartwarming to see fire standing out at so many of the end-of-year awards ceremonies. 

The response of fire comms teams to the year's events, as noted in the last issue, was awe-inspiring and rightly earned respect and plaudits from across the comms world. 

But it also drew attention to the unparalleled creativity and passion that exists within fire comms teams and some of the incredible pieces of work that have been produced in the last 12-18 months. 

Fire picked up four winners at the Comms2Point0 Unwards - fiendishly tricky prizes to win due to the sheer volume of entries for the awards. 

Unawards Winners

There were also four fire winners at the Public Service Communications Excellence Awards, run by the Government Communications Service and LGCommunications, where the fire comms teams were competing with huge organisations such as the Department for Education, Public Health England and the Home Office. 

There was also widespread regional recognition in the CIPR's Pride awards, with Avon, South Wales and Hampshire, among others, all receiving nods and nominations. 

And even such a sizable clutch of awards only hint at the countless other inspired campaigns, comms and creative being generated across UK fire service teams. 

The profile and admiration for fire comms has probably never been higher and FirePRO will be doing all it can to support its members to reach even greater heights. There will be further workshops and the annual conference later this year and we'll continue to preach the gospel of fire comms at a national level. 

So get out there and make sure you are shouting about the amazing work you are doing - to colleagues, bosses, the public and peers. People want to hear about it. 

James Morton, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and FirePRO Chair

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